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​Divorce and Family Law Attorney

Fabrikant Law is a Family Law firm dedicated to serving the population of Bergen County. Based on the dedication and experience of owner and managing partner, Ann Fabrikant, the firm is uniquely suited to the personal challenges that arise from each client’s individual circumstances. From divorce to child custody matters, Fabrikant Law has it covered.

Did you know Bergen County has more towns than any other county in New Jersey? Among New Jersey’s 21 counties, Bergen County leads the pack with 70 municipalities, including 56 boroughs. ​It’s a diverse population comprised of couples and families, many of whom may be experiencing trouble that may or may not lead to divorce or other family law issues. My purpose as a family law attorney is to answer any questions they may have. Should divorce become the only option, I become an unwavering ally prepared to address all concerns, from custody to support to property division. When it comes time to face a Judge in Family Court, I am experienced with both uncontested divorces and highly contested divorces, as well as all matters of family law.

What to Expect From Fabrikant Law?

​​We start with an initial consultation. This is just a formal way of saying that I prefer to sit down with my clients and get to know them, as well as the unique issues they are facing.  I also want to give them the opportunity to meet me and ask any questions they may have. Trust is of the utmost importance. This is true with any attorney-client relationship, but especially regarding family matters. Once we assess your situation, we will design a strategy that suits your specific needs. It is important to me that when they leave my office they feel that their needs are met and that they know what to expect. My clients must feel that I am their advocate and that, together, we will come to a favorable resolution.

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