Four Types of Alimony In New Jersey

Four Types of Alimony In New Jersey

There are four types of alimony that you may be awarded or expected to pay in the state of New Jersey. These four types are outlined below:

The first kind of alimony is called Open Durational Alimony. It is awarded in marriages that lasted twenty years or longer.  It continues without an end date.  It can only be terminated by death of either party, remarriage by the payee or by court order.

The second kind of alimony is called Limited Duration Alimony.  It is awarded in marriages that lasted nineteen years or less and can never be for longer than the length of the marriage.  For example, if you were married for ten (10) years, alimony cannot be paid longer than ten (10) years unless there are exceptional circumstances.

There is also Rehabilitative Alimony. Much like limited duration alimony, it is paid for a certain period of time. However, in this case, the duration of time and the amount received is tied to a specific plan for the spouse receiving alimony to become financially self-sufficient. This may include a plan for a spouse to finish their high school, college or post graduate degree, or receive more training, certifications or even start their own business. Rehabilitative Alimony generally takes the costs of education into account, as well as the payee’s inability to work full time while going to school or starting their business.

Finally, there is Reimbursement Alimony. This kind of alimony is usually awarded if one spouse supports the other while they receive a higher education degree (such as medicine, law or business, etc.), with the full understanding and anticipation that they would then share in the benefits of that degree.

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