Post Divorce Issues

Post Divorce Issues

Even after a divorce is finalized, it does not necessarily mean the legal process is over.  Oftentimes serious disagreements arise, or one party fails to comply with the Judgment of Divorce, resulting in the need to go back to Court.  

After a Judgment of Divorce is entered, issues such as alimony, child support, child custody or parenting time may be modified by a Judge if the moving party can show changed circumstances.  

Sometimes, the parent of primary residences wishes to relocate with the children.  If the former spouse does not consent in writing to a relocation, then an application to the Court is necessary.  

If one party fails to comply with the terms of the Judgment of Divorce, Settlement Agreement or prior Court Order, by failing to pay support timely, interfering with parenting time, hindering the sale of an asset, refusing to sign necessary paperwork to transfer ownership interest and rights, and the like, then an application to the Court to enforce and/or modify the Judgment, Agreement or Order is necessary.

It is not unusual for post divorce issues, such as the examples above, to arise and Ann Fabrikant has experience helping clients resolve such problems.  If you are having ongoing problems with your ex, Ann Fabrikant can discuss the situation and your legal options. Contact our office today.

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