Can I Oppose Divorce in New Jersey?

Can I Oppose Divorce in New Jersey?

Let’s be honest, Divorce can be one of the most emotional periods of anyone’s life, especially if you didn’t see it coming or don’t want it altogether.

One of the biggest questions we get at our firm is: How do I stop this divorce? Can I stop it?

As with most things legal-related…yes and no. The distinctions are extremely important however, so take special care to understand exactly what we mean here.

Understanding why your spouse has filed for divorce 

Maybe you knew this was coming…Maybe you didn’t.

Maybe you thought you were taking the proper steps to save your marriage, or maybe you even thought your marriage was running smoothly.

Regardless of the actual case, the moment those divorce papers hit your hands the mental questions begin:

  • Why is this happening?
  • What did I do to deserve this?
  • What are we going to do about…
  • How are we possibly going to split up…
  • What will…think?

As awful as this inner turmoil may feel, it is also entirely normal and expected. Divorce is a hard road to walk, no matter what the circumstances are.

The best news possible is that you never have to walk alone, or in the dark.

The most common basis for divorce in NJ is what’s termed “irreconcilable differences,” which essentially means that the marriage has simply not been working for at least the past six months. This particular “no fault” ground for divorce enables the entire process to be more civilized and fairer.

Read more about grounds for divorce here…

Now, while “irreconcilable differences” is the legal term for why your marriage is dissolving, the actual reason may be much deeper and far more complex. 

NJ Divorce Attorney Note: If you know your spouse is in the process of filing for divorce, or you were just served with divorce papers, immediately seek out an experienced NJ divorce attorney. From the moment the divorce is served, there are things you can unknowingly do that can make your NJ divorce process far more difficult and complex. 

Divorce is not the time for guesswork.

How do I oppose the divorce?

It is extremely common that one spouse does not want to move forward with the divorce proceedings. After all, you meant what you said during your vows, “Till death do us part”.

If you are willing to fight for your marriage, including opposing the divorce to the very end, contact our experienced NJ divorce attorneys today. There are avenues we can explore and options to consider before just accepting divorce as your new reality. 

That being said, there is an important fact to opposing your divorce: even if you completely and vehemently disagree with the divorce, and truly wish to remain married, you can’t stop the divorce process if your spouse insists.

Read about the actual NJ divorce process in our Self-Help Guide to Divorce in NJ

The truth is your spouse can proceed with the divorce even if you clearly oppose or attempt to even prevent the proceedings by failing to participate in the process. When you fail to participate in the process, including not responding to served papers, the divorce proceedings will move forward without your input or defense.  So it is best to participate in the process.

Once again, if you are now finding yourself staring down the business end of a divorce in NJ, get in touch with our NJ divorce attorneys immediately. There are a number of important steps that should be taken as soon as the divorce process begins, including filing counterclaims and getting a defense prepared so you are not taken advantage of in any part of the proceedings. 

There is no doubt that your head will be spinning at certain points, or you may be emotionally overwhelmed…and that’s when you need a rock-solid team.

This is what we do and we are very good at it.

Where Do I Begin?

Right here. Right now.

Take advantage of our free consultation offer, get some answers, and get some ground under your feet so you can start managing this with confidence and purpose.


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