How to Find a NJ Divorce Lawyer?

How to Find a NJ Divorce Lawyer?

How to find a nj divorce lawyer in the Central New Jersey area? You have many options.  There are an abundance of attorneys, mediators and companies willing to complete your paperwork for $299.  How do you find the right fit for you in ​Woodbridge? If you are here on the internet, you may have just asked Google “how do I find a divorce attorney in New Jersey?”  I understand as it can be very confusing.

When looking for legal counsel, I recommend you consider the following factors:


Divorce attorneys come in all shapes and sizes and are most tend to already have a certain demeanor with clients. Think about if you want the pit bull attorney, one that is going to provide an abundance of emotional support


Having substantial experience is important  and even more important is finding an attorney who has dealt with issues particular to your case.  For instance, if your spouse has moved  out of state and is not paying child support, it is important to find an attorney who knows exactly how to handle that situation. You may have significant assets, debts, or have a family business to be divided. Your lawyer needs to know how to creatively deal with your particular details.


Response time to your initial inquiry is critical. You want an attorney is who available to answer your calls and most importantly your concerns.  When going through the divorce process here in NJ, there will be many times when you have a question and want an immediate response.


There are times when you and your lawyer are going to want to sit face-to-face and discuss your divorce.  If you live in Metuchen or Edison, it is easy to get to my office in ​Woodbridge.  You may not have the time in your schedule to travel outside of Middlesex County.

Selecting a divorce attorney is all about finding the right fit with your personality, your list of requirements in your legal counsel, and the particulars of your divorce.  As a great first step I would recommend making appointments and talking or even visiting with a few so you can really gauge personal style and fit with you.

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