Online divorce is no substitute for the conventional method.

Online Divorce Is No Substitute

Online divorce is no substitute for the conventional method.  You could simply attribute this to the personal touch that a family law attorney offers but that would be an oversimplification. After all, one argument for online divorce would be that an attorney simply files paperwork, which a web site can help you do. Another argument tends to favor the cliché melodrama of husband and wife duking it out via divorce attorneys in a court of law. Both are still missing the point. Divorce is a legal process and it is simply best to have a lawyer involved. That’s it.

Dot-coms advertise that they eliminate the mess but the disclaimers at the bottom are still to let you know that the process being made available does not involve an attorney in any way, shape or form. They encourage you to seek legal representation if that is what you seek. At the end of the day, most divorces share one thing in common with the rest of life. They are not like you see on television. Sometimes an attorney will mostly help out with that paperwork. Yet, a divorce lawyer is still indispensable. Let’s take a closer look at online divorce so that we may understand why.


Money is always the best place to start. There really is no other reason for a person to forego the lawyer and the courtroom other than some perceived convenience. However, online divorce is not free.  At first glance, the fee may seem like a bargain when compared to the average retainer most attorneys get paid. You must look a bit further than this. If you are the one filling out the site, you will be the one charged the fee. Of course, if your divorce is amicable and there are no issues to decide, then it may not be a big deal. What if it isn’t? Not only is it a bad idea for one of you to owe the other money but the online process is really not designed for couples with children or actual disputes to resolve. That is most definitely where attorneys come in handy. Essentially, the more complex the case, the more a family law attorney seems like the better investment. 


It is the internet after all. Not everything is a scam but let’s just say that while looking out for Nigerian e-mail scammers, it would be wise to check up on that site you are considering. There are websites solely dedicated to vetting other sites so that we know which businesses are reputable and which aren’t. Sites such as use a simple ratings system. The potential for wasting time is just as real as the potential to waste money. Legitimate or not, these sites will have you downloading forms and filling them out yourself. Money will be spent on top of that. Bear this in mind when you are considering skipping that call to an attorney’s office.


So let’s say you’re committed to getting an online divorce. Your mind is set. Is there a guarantee that you won’t end up in court anyway? The resolute answer would be ‘No’. That should be your ultimate cause for pause. Still, let’s explore what this means.

What if the Judge has a question? You complete all the forms. You submit them. The judge needs to speak with you. It’s that simple. If children are involved and you do not have an agreement in place, you can almost guarantee you will be going to court.

What if you have a question? Learning how to fill out that paperwork and everything that goes along with it just happens to be part of the reason why people have to attend law school. These sites are not run by lawyers so while they are happy to make forms available for download, those aforementioned disclaimers will be there to remind you that they cannot answer your questions.

By the way, what state do you live in? Sure, you’re on the internet. What does that have to do with geography, right?  States have their own divorce laws. Guess who studied those laws. You get what we’re driving at. Attorneys and courtrooms may carry negative associations for you. Divorce can be unpleasant. No matter what, with online divorce, you are facing a legal process without a legal expert. Don’t do that. Call this office today. We will be more than happy to discuss your case.

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