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The Five Family Law Mishaps You Must Avoid

Let’s start with what led you here. While I have you reading, you may want to look over my blog, especially if you have questions related to family law. It features articles covering a wide variety of topics, such as domestic violence, child support and divorce.

That leaves one important question. Have you already made mistakes? Read further if you wish to avoid the most common mishaps in family law:

Failure To Hire An Attorney

It is never too soon but it could be too late. Why wait to find out? Even worse, please don’t entertain the notion that you can represent yourself. While others seek representation as a result of something bad happening, you want to be ahead of the curve. Your rights, not to mention your children’s, assets and liabilities, are potentially at stake. Do not hesitate. Schedule an appointment now.

Moving Out Too Soon

You split up with your spouse and you want to move out immediately. I get it. Just take a moment. Breathe. The decision to move out can affect your child support and/or spousal support situation. Contact with your children could be limited. In fact, moving out without them could establish a precedent that they live primarily with the other parent. Don’t forget that mortgage and utilities still must be paid. This will be taken into account if your spouse asks for financial relief.

Thinking Temporary

Temporary is not always temporary. Courts sometimes suggest a “temporary” arrangement in order to learn what the children are familiar with, what their routine has been since their parents split up. Once you agree to this, it could end up being the schedule once the final hearing comes around. That temporary arrangement becomes just another decision you should have spoken to your lawyer about.

Signing Without Reading

It is hardly a good idea to sign a cell phone contract without reading the terms and conditions. What would make you sign an agreement involving property distribution or alimony without reading? Once you sign a bad agreement, it becomes very difficult, and sometimes, impossible to change. Attorneys can only offer assistance before signing an agreement, not after.

Social Media Mistakes

There are so many mistakes to be made on social media. This is true whether you are having family law issues or not. Though, family law issues tend to be the cause of many of them. Airing your grievances in e-mails, social media posts and texts can end up being used against you in court. It is extremely important that you discuss social media activity with your attorney.

There is much to discuss and still more mistakes to avoid. Start taking inventory of what you own and what you owe this very moment. Then, please do contact my office so that we may begin our conversation.

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