High Net Worth Divorce

A Message Regarding High Net Worth Divorce

Divorce may be the result of a complicated emotional process but the complexity of negotiating a high net worth divorce is exclusively the domain of an experienced family law attorney. Only an experienced divorce lawyer, like myself, can ensure the fair divorce agreement a client with considerable marital assets deserves. Meanwhile, there will still be the matter of protecting your children and guarding your privacy.

High net worth divorces tend to involve matters more complicated than just income. My expertise in such matters is the result of always knowing which experts to consult. This includes accountants, financial analysts and private investigators. No one case is the same but certain scenarios have emerged over the years.

Business Arrangements

Forensic accountants are often called upon to guide business owners through divorces. This is also true of clients who hold senior level positions or are partners in large corporations. Even business arrangements such as deferred compensation or stock options tend to warrant this approach. Depending on the circumstances, together, we may call upon experts who will evaluate current and future profits and compensation.

Real Estate Holdings

Plenty of my clients are homeowners but those involved in high net worth divorces tend to own multiple properties, of various types. That might mean a vacation home. It could be investment properties. Either way, it is important to determine how they were brought into the marital portfolio. Other details to consider include the valuation of these properties and who will receive them. That person must also have the income to maintain them.

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Retirement Structures

Pensions, benefits and 401K’s are complex retirement structures. They are analyzed during the divorce proceedings. Sometimes my clients are surprised to learn just how much of their spouses’ holdings they are entitled to. Your interests must be protected as well. That is why I work closely with experts in this field, to ensure that all retirement savings are valued and divided properly.

Extensive Investments

It is not uncommon for my clients to have some investments. Extensive investment in stocks, bonds or investment properties are another story. This could require complex valuation and negotiation. My job is still to protect your assets and make sure your interests are secure.

Prenuptial Agreements

The details of prenuptial agreements, or even post-nuptial agreements, are especially scrutinized in high net worth divorces. As an agreement made with your spouse prior to or during your marriage, a detailed review is necessary. It is my job to make sure such an agreement works in your favor. If an agreement doesn’t hold up under the current law, I will determine the best way to legally protect you.

The financial security of all of my clients is of the utmost importance. My relationships with related experts has only evolved from the emerging complexities of high net worth divorces. If you hold substantial assets and are anticipating a divorce, contact this office and schedule an appointment today.

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