Pillars of Family Law

The Six Pillars of Family Law: Part One

Family law attorneys specialize in a vast array of topics. All involve marriage, children or both. These topics include child custody, visitation rights, child support payments, adoption, guardianship, domestic violence and many more.

The following are the pillars of family law. They make up the foundation that family law attorneys build their practices on.


Family law attorneys are referred to as divorce attorneys, for a reason. Just about all of what you will read here stems from divorce. Divorce tends to leave quite a mess in its wake. Sorting that mess out is what family law attorneys specialize in. There are significant personal and financial risks that you will be exposed to during a divorce. An experienced family law attorney is accustomed to the process and will walk you through it, one step at a time.


Divorce in the state of New Jersey is always subject to new laws. Alimony laws experienced a massive overhaul as recently as 2014, when Governor Christie signed a bill into law that eliminated permanent alimony in this state. It is an ongoing aspect of the practice of family law to update and modernize alimony laws. Another example is the law relating to alimony and cohabitation. If the recipient of alimony moves in with a new significant other, this law was recently updated to try and be fairer to the person paying the alimony.


Divorce is only the end of marriage. If what was agreed upon fails to work, or if an “ex” refuses to comply with the terms of the settlement agreement, the services of a family law attorney will once again be required. Any change of life circumstances for either spouse is another problem that will bring an attorney back into the picture. Issues with alimony, child custody and child support can arise as well.

That concludes part one of ​The Six Pillars of Family Law. These three ​pillars represent ​ the foundation of family law attorney’s​ practice but we have yet to ​discuss the final three pillars.

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